Sunday, November 28, 2021
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AOA Driver Training
Our low-cost Airport Operations Area (AOA) driver training simulators provide a hands-on virtual environment for ground crew to learn to safely navigate within the AOA. Using the included force-feedback controls and an immersive graphical display, drivers will learn how to safely navigate from point to point, following all speed and safety rules and regulations. The included airports are highly realistic representations of their real world counterparts, consisting of intricately placed signage and markings, accurate 3D buildings, high quality aircraft models and realistic ground textures.

Features include:
  • Approx. 135 degree high-definition visual system
  • Durable metal chassis with adjustable seat
  • Three highly realistic airports include 3D buildings, jetways, taxiway signage, volumetric light fixtures, AI aircraft, etc.
  • Virtual reality (head movement) sensor, which allows students to look around airport (add-on)
  • Dynamic ground vehicles
  • Detailed pavement markings and signage
  • One drivable vehicle with on-screen speedometer, tachometer and radio stack
  • Force feedback steering wheel
  • Day / Night simulation with night lighting (taxiway lights/signs, terminal lighting, surrounding buildings)
  • Adverse weather conditions (rain / low visibility)
  • See and interact with connected student pilots
  • Request ATC clearances via headset and push-to-talk (when connected to ATC lab)
  • Various chassis colors available

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