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Virtual Airport Labs
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How it Works
The Virtual Airport

The virtual airport combines the most critical aspects of airport operations including flight, air traffic control and ground operations, into a series of interactive and interconnected 3D simulators. Simulators in each lab can "see" each other on the screen and interact using their headsets and integrated push-to-talk buttons. This allows highly dynamic scenarios to be run with students learning not only how to control their vehicles and facilities, but how to communicate safely and effectively. Radio communications can be very intimidating for new pilots, controllers and ground crew. Using our simulators, students can gain the confidence and proficiency they need to operate effectively at large and small airports.

All of this takes place in a dynamic 3D world that is so accurate, you can use real Jeppesen charts and airport diagrams to navigate in each simulator. With real weather synchronization, students can experience airport operations in adverse weather conditions including rain, snow, low visibility and even night operations.

As illustrated in the above diagram, all simulators are connected both visually and audibly, allowing students to see each other on screen and communicate via headsets. Instructors can monitor all students from their desk and can provide ATC services or simply talk to students.
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